Kitchen Remodeling North Huntingdon, PA

Kitchen Remodeling North Huntingdon, PA

Kitchen Remodeling North Huntingdon, PA

There comes a time when you look at your kitchen and you wish it were different. Maybe you’re not in love with the colors anymore, or you’re getting new appliances and you decide to update your cabinets too. If you’re thinking about your North Huntingdon kitchen remodel project, but aren’t sure what to do with your cabinets, Pittsburgh Remodeling Solutions has you covered and is the answer to all your kitchen remodeling needs!

North Huntingdon Kitchen Remodel | Cabinet Refacing Ideas

If you need kitchen cabinet refacing ideas, we offer the best solutions in durability, colors, and design. Rather than fully replace your cabinets, you can simply reface them. Refacing can be done more quickly and cost effectively, allowing you to complete your kitchen remodel in no time. We offer:

Wood Refacing: The look of wood cabinets adds warmth, making any kitchen instantly more inviting. But you don’t need to do a full replacement to get the look you want. We can create custom designed wood veneers from a wide selection of colors and texture patterns.

Laminate Refacing: We’ll replace your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with our durable Dura-Cora material. Your new cabinets will stand up to years of use with a custom vinyl veneer, in your choice of color. Plus, the veneer is guaranteed to never peel!

If you’re looking for a full kitchen update, we also offer custom kitchen countertops in North Huntingdon to match your beautifully refaced cabinets. We’ll even help you decide what options work best together and with your general home décor.

Learn More About Our North Huntingdon Kitchen Remodeling Services

If you’re still not sure which option is best for you, we’re here to help. As one of the best North Huntingdon kitchen remodel companies, we have nearly 15 years of experience in creating beautiful custom kitchens. Make the kitchen the beautiful centerpiece you’ve always wanted. Call us today to learn more about cabinet refacing or to get started with a free, no-obligation, quote for your kitchen remodeling project.